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We started our lives together one week before Ty's 28th birthday, which was April 6, 1994.  There have been only a handful of days since that we weren't together.  We met through a local dating service back before internet dating.  Neither of us knew what the other looked like before that first date at Outback restaurant in Shreveport, but we were married barely more than a year later.  After a one week honeymoon in South Padre Island, Texas, we started our married life in a one-bedroom apartment.  We've been through a lot since our wedding day May 20, 1995, but we are still here and still married.  That is our proudest achievement so far.  We love each other and we love being married to each other even more.  Over the years we've had many downs and a few ups, but we continue to strive for the American Dream...winning the Powerball (just kidding).  I guess to us, or at least to me, the American Dream is to own a home and retire without any debts.  We're getting a late start, but we have started.

We have no children by choice, we have five cats instead.  Bailey is twelve years old.  Parka is four years old.  Skippy Jon is two.  All of them were "rescues" of one sort or another.  We adopted two male cats in 2009.  They are Shannon and Taz.  Both are about a year and a half old.

I spend most of my time working on the house.  Not repairing so much as updating.  I work on the car and truck when needed.  Like a lot of old men, I enjoy feeding and watching birds.  I plan on having four Square Foot Gardens made and ready to plant in by next spring.  I still spend too much time doing this...sitting in front of my computer. 

We hope everyone enjoys our part of 

We also have a site on Google that has some additional pictures.  The link is below.

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