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If you haven't guessed already, this site is an attempt to take advantage of the immediacy and ubiquity of the Internet to keep us up to date on each other.  I have been thinking of this kind of thing for years, and only recently had the perfect opportunity to put it into action.

I hope that you will contribute, not just photos, but news items and written updates on your branch of the Lindsey Family.

Here are the two who started this whole thing, at least from my perspective (unless you want to count Adam and Eve):

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This is Artie Marie and Curtis Henry Lindsey, my parents.  As you can tell by the photo, my parents were rural people.  Neither of them ever lived in a city of any sort.  All the time I knew them, they lived on a farm in Friendship, Louisiana, that we shared with my mother's parents, Maude and LeRoy Caskey.  My dad was a painter most of his life, but also did some barbering on the side.  I can still feel those cold manual clippers up against the back of my neck and head.  His work kept him away most of the time.  Mom lived almost all her years on the farm in Friendship and never really worked outside the home there.  Every time I look at this photo, I thank God for good, godly parents...and for a childhood on the farm.

Their children were, in this order:

Kenneth Marcus, Emma LaRoyal (now Kidd), Travis Jackson, Billy Raymond, Donald Ray, and Roger Dale (me).  Time permitting, I'll add some details about all of us.

Suffice it to say, I had four children of my own; Anthony Tyron, Mitchell Jason, Nathan Eric, and Welcome Elaine, all of whom are represented somewhere on this website.

Well, that ought to be enough for now to get this started.  Hope you'll join in the effort.

Drop me an email at if you want to participate.

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