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Welcome, Lindsey Bunch.  Here's hoping this is a way to keep up with each other.  Your input is necessary to make this an on-going source of information and photos of our families. Of course, nowadays Facebook and other sites can do a much better job, but this is a little more permanent and easier for accessing everything in one place.

I am depending on you to furnish content for the site. Those of you who know how to do webpages, all you will need is a user name, password, and an html editor to make changes to this site. Email me by clicking here for the username and password. As you make changes to the site, please do not delete or change any existing folders other than your own. You can make as many folders as you like. Also, please avoid putting images in the root directory. There is an "images" folder, or you can make your own folder if you want.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, please email me by clicking here and I will arrange to put your stuff on the site for you, as time permits.

I've spent a little time updating the site and hope you can make better use of it.

Love, Dad
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