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May 5, 2009:  Ty, Dusty, Janice and I made a weeklong trip to Ireland to see the sites.  Here are some photos if you're interested.

June 9, 2008:  OK, I've been asked to update this and add some photos, so here goes.  Janice and I recently returned from vacationing in Maine (May, 2008) and I have attached a few of the pictures from the event.

And here are some selected pics from our 2006 trip to Belgium and Holland.

Original entry:  Hello from sunny Florida, hurricane capital of the world (with all due apologies to Mississippi and Louisiana).  At this writing (Saturday, March 4, 2006) we are not in hurricane season yet, and the temperature was a balmy 67 Fahrenheit today with beautiful sapphire blue skies.  It's a great place to live nearly 99% of the time.  It's the other 1% that just drives you crazy when it comes along.

This part of is intended to update the rest of you on life here in Pensacola with Janice and me (Roger, or Dad).  I'm hoping this site does turn out to be a meeting place for us on the web.

Janice and I just returned from a "buying" trip to Belgium and Holland (click here for the photos).  I'm a little confused what Janice means when she says "buying" trip.  You see, I thought we were going over there to find sources for tapestries, lace and other needlework items to add to our newest website store at  We started this website back in November, 2005 because Janice has extensive experience with needlepoint, and has sources for some of the best European canvases and kits at wholesale.  The website has done well, surpassing our old business, PETButler Company (, in January and February of this year.  The idea, I thought, was to find items to add to the new site, or to put on another site as a different business.  I'm not real sure how Janice's new tapestry bag, tapestry table runner and placemats, and lace items have added to that prospect:-).  But she's happier, and so I'll be happy.

Below are posted some "representative" photos that give you an idea of life with us in the past few years.  God willing, more will be added as time goes by and I can prepare the photos for use on the web.  These newer digital cameras take such huge format photos that you almost have to downsize them to get them to load well from a web site.

Hope you enjoy and make use of this new tool for us.  Please contribute if you want.  Contact me for a user name and password and you can add your own material here.


Now the photos:

The "author" and his pet pig, circa 1951.  A sow had delivered more piglets than she could handle, so my older brother Donnie went down into the woods and brought back the runt of the litter.  I raised it on a bottle.  We had several adventures, this pig and I, not the least of which was concerning a very large churn of milk that he somehow got out of a refrigerator and spilled all over the dining room floor.  I believe he turned out to be the biggest of the bunch.  Sadly, he became bacon, ham and sausage later in life (wasn't my doing!).


Pictures from vacation in Maine, May, 2008  

A Sunday afternoon nap with Molly when she was just a puppy.  I think they're both beautiful. (12-26-00)

Memorial Day cruise from Pensacola to Mobile Bay by way of the Gulf (Memorial Day weekend, 2001).  That's me on the bow; the boat is on auto-tiller.  Pat Johnson's father is in the back but you can't see him very well, and Pat took this picture from his boat as we were sailing along together.  The famous sugar-white beaches along this part of the Florida coast are in the background.

Same Memorial Day trip - Kevin (Janice's brother) sitting, me lying around, both soaking up the joys of a gentle sail in the Gulf.  Tough life, ain't it?

A trek in Yellowstone National Park with Jason.  We spent a week primitive camping and having a generally great time.  Take your long johns!  And never, ever try to out-fish Jay!

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